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Our Farm

We are lucky to have a farm that has been a vital part of our school for 33 years, lovingly tended by our resident farmer and the thousands of children who have come through our doors since the farm was established in 1982.

The farm is more than just a showpiece.  It is an exceptional resource to teach children about an expansive variety of subjects and issues.  Of course, the farm can be used to teach kids about lifecycles, animal care, and horticulture.  We have introduced a curriculum called "My Plate," which will use the farm to teach about nutrition and how farms bring healthy foods to the table.  Additionally, the farm teaches children about sustainable agriculture, which in drought-stricken California is crucial.  We have developed lessons for ecology, with an emphasis on the modern-day "Three R's:" Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  The farm also teaches children about compassion and empathy.  Furthermore, the farm fosters a sense of pride and ownership in the students.  That sense of civil pride will undoubtedly transfer to the greater community at large.


Please help us feed our farm by donating to our school.

You may also visit our GoFundMe page to donate electronically!

If you need information, please contact our school at 1(818) 342-6133

Thank you!