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About Me

Hello, my name is Ms. Jessica Arroyo, and I am incredibly happy and proud to start working with
all of you. My job is to help create a safe and positive school culture and climate.  This means that I work collaboratively with school support staff such as counselors and psychiatric social workers to support and implement the District’s school site safety policies. I support student empowerment and I am here to enhance, support and build relationships between students, parents, and staff members. I look forward, to creating a positive school climate here at Lake Balboa, one that fosters high expectations for students in a safe and supportive environment. We all play a big part in creating a positive school climate. I look at life as a beautiful gift and am open to receive new suggestions and ideas from all of you.
Jessica with her dog
I live in the San Fernando Valley with my two daughters, Tabitha and Samantha and our dog, Willow.
Here's a photo of my dog, Willow.
Jessica's daughters and dog
Here's a photo of my daughters with Willow.
Jessica with her daughters at a younger ageHere's a photo of my daughters and I several years ago.