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Welcome to the class page for Math and Guitar!
I hold a BA in Music from The Aaron Copland School of Music and a Masters in Math Education.  I completed both programs at Queens College, NY.   
In Schoology, students in my classes have access to both the notes from every lesson, as well as pre-recorded tutorial videos that I've personally recorded.  Both the notes and the videos can be found in each section of every chapter that we cover.  Prior students have told me that the videos really do help.  There is a lot to absorb in each lesson.  We cover examples from each section.  In addition, I record myself solving problems from the Teacher's guide that are similar that the students cover in each section.  Many students have told me that they can watch the videos at home, at their own pace, without any distractions that may occur in class from time to time.  In addition, I really do enjoy recording these videos! Please feel free to watch for yourself. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 
In addition to recording math videos, I also record music videos.  I have a humble recording setup which I use to record my original songs.  Below is an example. Obviously, the example is not an original composition!!